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HDC2025-BK HDMI Coax Active A-A Type Cable, 40AWG, gold-plated, L: 2.5M  
  1. HDMI Coaxial cable: 20379 40AWG black LF (Sumitomo) 15C
OD=3.3 50Ω, Color: Black, Q’ty: 1
2. A type Conn.: H1001WM191 LF HDMI A type plug without PCB, Q’ty: 2
3. HDMI A type PCB: PCB ETSP42727 =1.6mm LF Impendance matching 100Ω, Q’ty: 2
4. PVC Grain: PVC 80P, Color: Black, Q’ty: 8.0g
5. Metal shield: A-Metal-1 HDMI A type base shielded, Q’ty: 2
6. Metal shield: A-Metal-2 HDMI A type top shielded, Q’ty: 2
7. Copper foil: Foil 29x45mm 6702904501TTH1, Q’ty: 2
8. Kapton tape: Kapton 3x35mm 6400303501A0TTH1, Q’ty: 2
9. UV Glue: HD1232, Q’ty: 1.2g
10. Ultra-thin acetate: W=10x18mm, Color: Black, Q’ty: 4

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