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TP98 Cat.6 UTP Lan Cable  
  1. Scope: Cat.6 UTP patch cable is a high speed data communication cable construction consisting of four twisted pair, and PVC jacket. They are suitable for use in high speed up to 250MHz Ethernet network system.
2. Safety Standards: According to UL444 Communications Cables,UL
   AWM Style 2835.
3. Reference Standards: TIA/EIA-568-B.2 , ISO 11801
   1) Configuration
   2) Component
        a. Size of conductor : AWG 24 (Anneal copper wire)
        b. Dielectric material : Polyethylene
        c. Diameter of Dielectric core : 0.96±0.05 mm
        d. Number of twist pairs : Four pairs.
                                               Each one of four pairs with different
   3) Assembly : Four pairs of dielectric core shall be stranded in
        circular form.
   4) Jacket material : PVC
        Overall Diameter : Ave. 5.6±0.2 mm.
5. Electrical Property
        a. Capacitance : nom. 14.5 pf/ft
        b. Velocity of propagation : nom. 67%
        c. Operating temperature : -20ºC ~ 80ºC
        d. DC resistance of conductor : max. 93.2Ω/km at 20
        e. Characteristic impedance : nom. Impedance 100±15Ω

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