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SP98 Cat.6 STP Lan Cable  
  1. Safety Standards: UL444 Communications Cables and UL
   AWM Style 2835.
3. Reference Standards: TIA/EIA-568-B.2 , ISO 11801
   1) Configuration
   2) Component
        a. Size of conductor : AWG 26 (7 x 0.16mm Annealed             copper wire)
        b. Dielectric material : Foamed P.E.
        c. Diameter of Dielectric core : 1.0±0.05mm
        d. Pairs : Four pairs.                               
            Each one of four pairs with different pitch
        e. Individual shielding : Each pair shall be shielded with
            Aluminum-mylar tape(Aluminum side face-out)
   3) Assembly : Four pairs of dielectric core shall be stranded in
                           circular form.
   4) Overall Shielding : (1) Aluminum mylar shield (Aluminum
                           side face-in)
                           (2) One 26AWG(7 x 0.16mm) drain wire
   5) Jacket material : PVC
        Overall Diameter : Ave. 5.7±0.2 mm.
5. Electrical Property
        a. Capacitance : nom. 17 pf/ft
        b. Velocity of propagation : nom. 76%
        c. Operating temperature : -20ºC ~ 80ºC
        d. DC resistance of conductor : max. 149Ω/km at 20ºC
        e. Characteristic impedance : nom. Impedance 100±15Ω

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